What is Conjugaison Game?

Conjugaison Game is a verb conjugation practice tool for language learners. “Conjugaison” word comes from French, which means “Conjugation” in English.

Conjugaison Game currently supports practices of 3 languages (English, French and Turkish), 13 Tenses and more than 700questions. It continues to grow each day.

And it is free 🙂


There is no subscription feature currently. Users may subscribe Conjugaison Game’s social media accounts to get extra practice and get informed by new features. Follow our social media accounts.


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For Parents

Conjugaison Game is not directed toward children under age 13. Conjugaison Game is a free tool. To keep education free, we will need to use ads. 

Privacy Policy

Conjugaison Game does not collect or share any personal data by subscription or registering process by contact forms, comments or uploading any media or content. Those features have been disabled. 

Conjugaison Game collects cookies and uses for:

  • Question quality analysis
  • Web site traffic analysis by Google Analytics
  • Advertisements (not enabled at the moment)
For further question about privacy policy please email to [email protected].